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A good content marketing strategy in an instant

Glynnis Kaldenhoven

19 October 2021

These days, content marketing is an integral part of the strategy. You want to build customer loyalty by writing valuable and meaningful content. The focus with content marketing is, therefore, not so much on the product or service, but really on the added value you can offer your customer. But how do you ensure that you have a good content marketing strategy?

A few steps away from your content marketing strategy

It is no secret that posting good content is valuable for the customer and your organization. However, the problem often lies in the fact that there is no good idea behind the placement of this content. Writing a blog now and then or posting on LinkedIn often fails to produce the desired result. You can solve this by thinking about a good content strategy. This can be achieved in a few steps!


1. What is the goal?

The most crucial aspect of any strategy or campaign is the goal. Why do you want to write this blog? Or why are you posting this message on social media now? First, decide what you want to achieve with your strategy. Once this is clear, it also becomes easier to write the relevant content. Don't forget to make your set goals measurable!

2.Determine your target group.

When you start writing content, it is useful to know who you are writing it for. You want to know who your ideal customer is. A buyer persona study enables you to determine this ideal customer's needs.

You may have several types of customers that you want to include in your strategy. This is possible, of course, as your content marketing strategy can address the needs of multiple customers.

3. What is the customer journey?

Once your target group is known, consider the journey these potential customers are taking. This is also referred to as the customer journey. When does your target group come into contact with your business/organization? Also, make it clear what problems this target group has so that you can respond with an appropriate solution.

The most critical phases of the customer journey are:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision
  • Buyer journey

journey buyer

4.What type of content is needed for which phase?

During the various stages of the customer journey, customers come into contact with your company in different ways. Find out where your target group is. Your target group is probably more on the search engines in the awareness stage, so writing good blog content is a must.

During the consideration stage, they are already more familiar with the problem and with possible solutions. At this stage, it is important that you show that you can actually provide a solution to this problem. If you have this expertise, show it! Use customer reviews or customer cases for this.

In the decision stage, you are creating recognition. This allows you to focus the content on the person you want to reach. This can be done through blogs, articles, news, social media, etc.

5. Create your calendar!

With a content timetable, you know when to place which content in which phase of the customer journey. You can also determine when to launch the right campaigns.

Look at the content you already have. Is there room for improvement? Or do you need to create additional content to complement this? Put this in a content calendar to have a good overview of when something should be put online.

If you want help defining your buyer personas, customer journey or content marketing strategy, please contact us.


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