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An excellent online marketing strategy for 2022

Emilie van Zeggelaar

3 September 2021

We are already well into the last quarter of 2021, and many businesses are taking a cautious look at the year ahead. What are the trends for 2022, and how do you create an excellent online marketing strategy for your business? In this blog, I will be looking at the trends and possibilities.

Third-party cookies

Content has become increasingly important as a trend in recent years. Offering high-quality, interesting content will also be essential in the coming year, not least because the use of third-party cookies will soon be completely banned. This makes it inevitable that companies will have to attract visitors through good content instead of advertisements. 

In concrete terms, this means that it will no longer be possible to use target audiences. So, it will become even more important to use a good CRM, such as HubSpot, to collect data. It is still possible to collect good data, but it must be done voluntarily: for example, if visitors leave their data themselves.

Interactive content

We are also noticing a shift towards interactive content, as has been the case for some time on platforms such as Instagram. Polls, competitions, surveys and even interactive videos will be used more and more often. With these interactive elements, visitors are more actively involved and will learn more about your product or service faster. Asking your visitors for information and encouraging them to interact will also result in more and more User Generated Content on websites. The most well-known form this takes is reviews, but more and more brands are also collaborating with their own users in order to provide more value through “real” content.

Selling via social media

It’s no secret that the share of social media sales is rising steadily. In the coming year, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest will again be used extensively to sell products. Updates to these platforms have made it possible for many more companies and profiles to sell through these channels, so this is going to become even more important. Besides actual sales, more and more people will turn to social channels for inspiration and social proof.

Segmentation and customer retention

The combination of the disappearance of third-party cookies and people becoming increasingly selective about what they want to see online means that segmentation of your target group is going to become increasingly important. Good segmentation ensures that people see exactly those things that are relevant to them and that correspond to their needs/wishes. Segmentation can be done based on interests, location and buying behaviour, among other things. Tools like HubSpot enable you to store this data in the CRM and thus communicate with your target group in an even more personalized way.


In the coming year, the focus will shift even more from acquisition to the retention of customers. After all, maintaining the relationship you already have with your current customers is easier and cheaper than finding new ones. Content will help you keep this group happy, involved and motivated! Also, customers who are satisfied (and leave a good review, for example) can ensure that new customers will come to your company at no financial cost to you. 

In short, in the coming year, companies will have to focus even more on the content they produce. It will also be necessary to look much more specifically at target groups instead of massive marketing campaigns. Ultimately, you are there to help your target group move forward and support it. If you keep that in mind when making your strategy and plans, you are headed in the right direction! 

If you need help with your strategy or looking for help with its implementation, let us know!

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