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HubSpot and Shopify Integration

Link HubSpot and Shopify for an amplified experience, aligning all your teams with a single customer view.

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Integrate HubSpot and Shopify

This HubSpot built-in integration gives you access to multiple features that will improve and ease your online process, bringing increased inbound sources to your marketing mix.

  • Checkmark 1 Generate more traffic
  • Checkmark 2 Automate ecommerce campaigns
  • Checkmark 3 Increase sales from your current customer base

Joint systems for coherent experience

By connecting these systems, you will improve team performace and broaden goals expectations. Additionally, you will get better insights into your target audience, being able to build a tailored brand to fit your customer's needs.

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What to Expect

With the HubSpot-Shopify integration, you will have an opportunity to generate more traffic through an effective and smooth process. Since day one, a tailored plan is carried to safely and efficiently sync your data from one system to another. This procedure will help your team's efforts by automating and customizing data sharing.

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This integration allows you to sync your Shopify records to HubSpot at a glance. It grants you an opportunity to turn your store data into competitive sales and marketing signals in HubSpot by giving an insightful overview of the customer in return.


  • Segment contacts by products
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