What are the best recommendations for an efficient chatbot?

Read more about the best practices for the implementation of a chatbot.

Since HS chatbots are rule-based and can only respond to questions that match the situations you program, it is important to construct your program carefully and to finish the loop to prevent visitors from reaching a dead end.

In order to prevent error notifications, have responses to questions ready. It is advised to provide a pre-selected response in this instance rather than a free text field. In case these don't work, always have an error message for occasions where these responses fail. Keep in mind to make clear to the person using your chatbot that they are aware they are speaking to a bot and not having a live conversation with another person.

Add value before you extract value. Many bots may ask for a user’s email before trying to help them, which may discourage people from talking to your bot. Be sure to show yourself available and show interest before diving straight into asking people for personal details. On this note, be sure to economize your branches when you can, more specifically, by only asking for exactly what you need.