What are some essential chatflows to implement?

Check out some very efficient chatflows for different scenarios.

Common chatbot scenarios:

  • Surface marketing collateral
  • Capture leads
  • Book meetings
  • Create customer service tickets

Recommendations of chatbots to an all-in functionality to capture customer questions:

  1. Book meeting

  2. Vacancies
  3. Pricing
  4. FAQ
  5. Update on order
  6. Categories Chat (gives client the option to choose between different categories and depending on their choice, another action is triggered)

In case you have a knowledge base on your website, frequently asked questions are already covered. We can bridge this Knowledge Base as an answer to questions that are asked in the chatbot, as a redirect.
The perfect solution for this is the “knowledge base + chat” chatbot. This can be done through a live chat or a bot.

Feedback Survey

Especially when an initial stage of implementing chatflows, it is beneficial to collect customer’s opinions on the functionality of these.

It is possible to have a CSAT at the end of the chatflows to check if customers are satisfied or not with the live chat/bot.