How can I track and report emails in HubSpot?

Email tracking establishes an easier way to build and maintain relationships.

What is Email Tracking?

Email tracking is the process of tracking emails sent and using that data to create new strategies. For example, HubSpot keeps track of what percentage of people open the mail, at what time, where and whether links and attachments are clicked through. 

How do I track an email?

Within HubSpot it is possible to track and report emails. With HubSpot's email tracking tool, you can easily see company information, open deals and a timeline of communication. This provides valuable context when writing a new email. You can open this contact profile in the HubSpot CRM.

When you have written the email you can easily activate the tracking tool by checking the box.track email screenshot

Please note that the recipient of your email has opted in to receive emails from your company.

Reporting on sent emails

After you have sent a number of mails, it may be interesting to see how the mail performs among recipients. HubSpot’s Email Reports feature shows the performance of your email campaign. Additionally, you can easily compare this with another email campaign. By means of KPIs you can effectively decide and act to adapt the emails to the target group.

KPIs that you can include in reporting:

  • Deliverability Rate
  • Time Spent Viewing Email
  • Commitment over Time
  • Lost contacts