How do I create an NPS survey in HubSpot?

An NPS survey provides insight into how likely your customers are to recommend your company to others.

A NPS survey, also known as Net Promoter Score survey, provides more clarity on the likelihood of customers recommending your company to other people. This survey can be sent via email or posted on a web page. 


  1. Go to service and click on ''Feedback survey''
  2. Click create survey and choose ''Customer loyalty survey''
  3. Choose how you want to reach your customers, via email or via a web page.
  4. If you choose email, set the language of the survey, enter the company name and email address from which the email will be sent. Enter a subject line and type a message in the "greeting field".
  5. If you choose a web page, set the survey language, enter the company name and adjust the theme color if necessary.
  6. Click on the feedback tab and customize your follow-up questions to learn more about your customers' responses.

- Click 0 - 6 Detractors to enter text for customers who gave a low score.

- Click 7 - 8 Passive to enter text for customers who gave a neutral score. 

- Click 9 - 10 Promoters to enter text for customers who gave a high score.


  1. Click on the ''thank you'' tab, to create a thank you message.
  2. Choose the recipients of the survey by clicking on ''public''. In the tab ''criteria'' you can customize which recipients you want to reach. 
  3. Click on "apply" and the survey is ready to be sent.