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How do you use HubSpot with RevOps?

To ensure RevOps work, it is important to store all data in one environment. Once this is in place, it becomes easy to work on a RevOps strategy.

All data in one place

HubSpot gives the option to integrate different apps. This makes it possible to place all data within HubSpot that is currently spread over different apps. 

As soon as all data has been deposited into HubSpot, each department can view and manage this data. This facilitates easier coordination of information about specific contacts between Marketing and Sales. Within HubSpot, every department can use the same contact information for sales processes, marketing campaigns and customer service.

Eliminating Boundaries

As described above, HubSpot works towards eliminating boundaries between departments. This helps improve the customer experience. 

By leveraging the marketing, sales or service hub, you can easily build an end-to-end customer experience that keeps contacts and customers engaged across all departments. For example, leads can be automatically adjusted to a customer status where the data can still be found within HubSpot. This allows the transfer to go smoothly, so that the customer does not consciously experience this transfer.

With HubSpot, customer service agents can quickly pick up a question the moment it comes in, as all contact information is already at their fingertips. This makes it easy to see where the customer is within the lifecycle stage and which data is already known.


Leads can be easily routed through Marketing and Sales workflows without losing important information. Once a lead becomes a customer, the data is already present in HubSpot and you can easily personalize the customer experience based on previous interactions. You can automate all of this with workflows.

Workflows are ideal for automating business processes, but internal processes can also be included. For instance, you can assign deals to members of the sales team or rotate leads between departments.