How does a HubSpot Conversion Crew onboarding work?

During HubSpot onboarding we help you set up HubSpot and ensure you are able to utilize the tool yourself.

Start off

First, we start with a kickoff meeting to discuss your needs and goals. We will then  know exactly how your HubSpot should proceed to be set up according to your wishes within a time period of 90 days. During this time, we will schedule weekly calls to keep you informed on your progress. 

Which tools are already being used

In the HubSpot Onboarding process it is important to know which other tools you use besides HubSpot. Most of the tools can work in conjunction with HubSpot, but there may be some that require an integration. 

The first steps

In the beginning you will mainly be busy with the basic steps. This includes, installing the HubSpot tracking code for your website, linking domain names, giving team members access to HubSpot, linking social media accounts and establishing privacy, cookie and GDPR settings. After, you get started with the steps that have been set for your goals. 

After 90 days

After the HubSpot Onboarding is complete, you can work independently in your HubSpot portal. For instance, drafting an email, setting up workflows, being able to run a full campaign in HubSpot, etc.