How secure is HubSpot CRM?

Thanks to the platform's end-to-end approach to data security and privacy, HubSpot CRM is a safe and secure system.

Your CRM is your business and that is why the security of your CRM is extremely important. Customer relationships must be safeguarded in a dependable manner. HubSpot ensures the security of your CRM data using a number of metrics:

  • End-to-end approach to data security and privacy;
  • A central data storage system that prevents data from being distributed among various tools and systems;
  • AVG features ensure that you collect, use and delete data in a safe and lawful manner.

HubSpot CRM: Safe and free

HubSpot's CRM is free to access - and always will be, HubSpot has said. This CRM provides several tools that can be used by sales, marketing and service teams (and more).

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