Which steps to follow for an efficient chatflow?

Which steps to take when creating a chatbot and important features and tools to acknowledge.

Steps to go through when creating a chatbot:

  • Choose the channel (website or facebook messenger)
  • Choose which type of bot you want (browse through the templates HS offers)
  • Choose language and branding
  • Decide if you would like to have it placed in specific webpages, depending on the type of bot you end up choosing
  • Take advantage of the chatbot to make people subscribe to any subscription type (eg. newsletters)
  • Use the teams created in HubSpot in chatbots (eg. each country’s customer service is responsible for enquiries coming from these specific countries)

Inboxes and Domains

It is recommended to have specific inboxes for Chatbots and even a specific domain to send it from. Also, it could be useful to have one inbox for each country’s support inbox, if this is the case.

Privacy and Consent

It is also useful to have customers ticking consent boxes to have more people subscribed to a specific subscription type. For example, if someone is using your knowledge base chatbot, it is useful to have them subscribed to the service communication subscription type. Make ticking this box required.