What are the key features of HubSpot Sales Hub?

With the HubSpot Sales Hub functions, you can organize your sales process optimally.

Sales Hub offers you the right tools for every phase. In the attract phase you ensure you don't miss a single contact moment with your leads.

  • Use the email templates to work efficiently in the field of customer communications
  • Implement email tracking to keep track of communications and follow-up faster and more efficiently

In the engage phase, boost your team's productivity by utilizing tools and data whilst supporting your activities with smart automation. Utilize a personal meeting link via the meeting planner, sales automation and deploy a live chat. 

  • Create a personal meeting link to plan your sales activities effectively
  • Use sales automation to follow-up faster and more practically from your CRM

During the delight phase, make sure you close viable deals based on reliable sales processes. HubSpot’s CRM helps you with this.

  • Create quotations with handy quote templates
  • Use playbooks to implement an unambiguous strategy in your sales process
  • View performance through HubSpot's sales analytics tools