What is a HubSpot Brandkit and what can I use it for?

The HubSpot brand kit ensures that a lot of content is displayed in your brand identity, read here where you can find the brand kit and where it is displayed.

Via Settings > Account Setup > Account Defaults > Branding you can view/edit your brandkit.

Here you can upload and customize your brand logos, colors, fonts and other brand elements. This way you can ensure that all your communication channels and marketing materials are consistent with your brand identity.

The brandkit is used in:
The Brandkit is mainly used for content that is visible to customers. Below you can read a few specific examples.

In some website themes the brandkit is used to load colors and logos. This way you can ensure that your website fully matches the style of your brand. In addition, you can also upload a favicon in the brand kit. This is the little icon that appears in your browser's tabs when your website is open. This way you can also show your brand identity here.

Meeting Scheduler
The meeting scheduler uses the colors and logo from your brand kit. This way you immediately create recognition with the person who schedules an appointment with you and you strengthen the brand identity of your company.

The colors and logo from the brandkit are often used in e-mails. If you want, you can easily overwrite it and adjust it to your liking. This way you can ensure that your emails are completely in line with the style of your brand.

The standard colors and logos from the brandkit are also used for quotations. But just like with e-mails, you can easily adapt it to your wishes.