What is the difference between a landing page and a website page?

A website page and a landing page are both part of your website. However, the goal of these pages differ and each can be used differently.

What is a website page?

Website pages are the building blocks of your website. These include the homepage, about us page, products/service and contact page. The objectives of these pages are all different but will never be the same as a landing page. For instance, a homepage should explain what you do and what you offer, but the main purpose of this page is not to generate leads.

Additionally, pillar pages fall under the category of website pages. These are well-defined pages that contain an extensive base of knowledge on a specific topic. Any blog that matches this topic will therefore link back to this pillar page.  

What is a landing page?

Unlike website pages, landing pages have the main aim of generating leads. These pages normally contain a call-to-action to reduce external links. Landing pages are often associated with a specific marketing message. This can take place on your own website or, for example, via Facebook. To give these pages a higher conversion, it must be immediately clear that the landing page is directly related to the marketing message.

Landing pages are easy to create via HubSpot. You can choose to create them from scratch or modify a template. This way you can fully match your landing page with your corporate identity.