Why is HubSpot onboarding necessary?

When your organization gets started with HubSpot, onboarding is essential in order to become familiar with important functions.

Success with HubSpot starts or fails with the right set-up and HubSpot knowledge. HubSpot onboarding is necessary when setup is not complete and you are unable to understand or utilize the most important features yourself. During onboarding, we will work with you to achieve your business goals with HubSpot.

For instance, within your marketing efforts you may want to generate and follow up with leads in automated processes. Another example includes automating the sales process within the onboarding of Sales Hub. Furthermore, a customer service team may be looking to measure how their customers are served: this could be an important goal.

In short, a good onboarding ensures that your organization focuses on the tools in HubSpot that help you get the most out of your HubSpot license.