How do email preferences work with HubSpot business units?

With business units you often have several emails that you send. This article explains how to set preferences for these emails and what the preference pages will look like.

How do you set email preferences?

Go to the settings icon at the top right > Go to Marketing > Email > Subscription types at the bottom left > Now select the correct business unit at current view. Here, you can adjust the preferences per business unit.

How do the preference pages work?

Without business units you can have a custom preferences page under the tab subscription. This works differently if you use business units. Business units use a standard layout from HubSpot. In this standard layout, the company name and preferences of the Business Unit are loaded.

The company name is loaded based on company location. If you click on the email footer, you can change the location on the left.

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Notice! If you want to test the page, send an email to yourself and then open the page.