How many themes and templates does the HubSpot CMS have?

HubSpot has 150-200 themes. Using a theme or template allows you to create pages within HubSpot.

Several themes can be downloaded from the Asset Marketplace. Here you can choose from various free and paid themes. A theme is customizable and can be used in different ways.

HubSpot asses marketplace screenshot

What is covered under themes?

A theme is made up of various parts and files:

  • Coded templates: A number of templates for the website. Think of the homepage, about us page, landing pages, and blog templates. These templates are custom coded by a developer, but the content and layout are customizable. You can use these with ease by making use of the drag and drop function within HubSpot.
  • Modules: A number of unique theme modules that can be used for content within a theme.
  • Global content: The website header or footer can be placed on multiple pages. Just like with the coded templates, you can easily do this with the drag and drop function.
  • Theme settings: Styling settings for the templates such as the font, spacing, and colors.

When creating a new page on a website after choosing a theme, you have the option to choose a template. This template is fully in line with the chosen theme. If you want a different template, you can also search in the different themes. 

Currently there are approximately 40 free themes and another 150 paid themes available to use within HubSpot CMS Hub.