What is sales automation?

Sales automation ensures that manual and/or repetitive tasks are automated using software, artificial intelligence (AI) and other tools.

In other words, sales automation makes sure that daily, weekly and/or monthly tasks are taken off the hands of sales employees, so they can focus on what's important and leave time to give the prospect more personal attention!

The benefits of sales automation

Sales automation can benefit your business in many different ways:

  • improves the productivity and performance of the sales team,
  • speeds up the sales process,
  • prevents human error,
  • ensures that leads don't fall between the cracks,
  • reduces the time it takes to respond to customers,
  • keeps data consistent across your organization,
  • allows you to achieve more with a small team.

The pitfalls of sales automation

Unfortunately, there are also things that can go wrong with automation! For instance, you never want to automate the entire sales process. Prospects will notice this immediately and will experience the contact as impersonal. As a sales person, it remains important that you add a human factor to the process. Therefore, use sales automation only to automate the processes in the background, whilst ensuring contact with your prospects is personal.