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0:00 - 0:04 [Intro music] 0:00 - 0:04 A white screen with Conversion Crew's logo. Then from different angles the face of the interviewee Quirijn.

0:04  >> RON: Would you like to briefly introduce yourself? Your name and company name?

0:04 - 0:07 Quirijn's face is in full view as he listens intently to Ron.

0:07 >> QUIRIJN: Yes. My name is Quirin. I work at Leadinfo.

0:07 - 0:14 The image zooms out on Quirijn. His name and position: Head of Product & Growth is displayed.

0:10 >> QUIRIJN: We create software that allows you to identify business website visitors.


0:14 >> QUIRIJN: 98% of website visitors do nothing at all.

0:14 - 0:17 Quirijn stands right in front of the camera and explains.

0:16 >> QUIRIJN: They just walk away.


0:17 >> QUIRIJN: We make these insightful.


0:19 >> QUIRIJN: We now have several thousands of customers in the Netherlands, Belgium,

0:19 - 0:22 The Leadinfo logo on a black wall. Then a couple of plants come into view after which the screen switches to Leadinfo employees.

0:22 >> QUIRIJN: and the rest of Europe.

0:22 - 0:32 Quirijn stands right in front of the camera and explains.

0:23 >> QUIRIJN: And about 1,000 marketing agencies helping us.


0:26 >> QUIRIJN: Conversion Crew, for example, is a partner of Leadinfo.


0:28 >> QUIRIJN: A Gold Partner in fact, but is also, for example, our HubSpot partner who has helped us 


0:32 >> QUIRIJN: with the implementation of HubSpot.

0:32 - 0:34 An employee in a white vest behind a laptop. Another employee at work behind her laptop.

0:34 >> QUIRIJN: Before we implemented HubSpot, there was really no common thread in what we were doing.

0:34 - 0:39 Quirijn appears on the screen. A white and blue bar with Customer Relationship Management appears on the screen.

0:37 >> QUIRIJN: A number of people used Pipedrive.


0:39 >> QUIRIJN: A number of people used Excel

0:39 - 0:41 The camera circling Quirijn as he stands to explain.

0:41 >> QUIRIJN: or our internal CRM that we had built ourselves.

0:41 - 0:54 Quirijn explaining on camera.

0:43 >> QUIRIJN: You couldn't easily assign leads.


0:45 >> QUIRIJN: That took a very long time. Actually, we found out very quickly that we needed a CRM system.


0:50 >> QUIRIJN: Then we looked very briefly at what CRMs were out there.


0:52 >> QUIRIJN: But actually, we came to HubSpot right away


0:54 >> QUIRIJN: as the system we were supposed to use.

0:54 - 0:57 Quirijn and Ron playing billiards.

0:57>> QUIRIJN: I think our founder Han visited Ron back in 2018.

0:57 - 1:04 Quirijn standing in front of the camera and explaining. A white and blue block is displayed with the text Customer Relationship Management.

1:01>> QUIRIJN: In Rijswijk where you were working at the time.


1:04 >> QUIRIJN: Then you became a Leadinfo partner and started promoting us to other companies.

1:04 - 1:17 Quirijn standing to explain in front of the camera.

1:08 >> QUIRIJN: You've brought in very nice clients.


1:09 >> QUIRIJN: And because of that, when we thought of HubSpot, we immediately thought: who is a HubSpot partner that we know?


1:14 >> QUIRIJN: Then Ron with Conversion Crew popped right up .


1:17 >> QUIRIJN: At HubSpot, we started out very small.

1:17 - 1:19 Two women work behind Macbooks and talk to each other.

1:19 >> QUIRIJN: And I would recommend that to anyone as well.

1:19 - 1:28 Quirijn standing in front of the camera explaining. A blue and white block is displayed with the text "Integration.

1:20 >> QUIRIJN: Not to start the avalanche right away, with everything you want.


1:23 >> QUIRIJN: The first integration we've done with HubSpot is watching: How does the CRM system work?


1:28 >> QUIRIJN: Does it work fine for us? How can our people work in it?

1:28 - 1:35 Two employees at work behind their laptops. 

1:30 >> QUIRIJN: So we verified right away with our own people.


1:32 >> QUIRIJN: Do you guys like the way it works? What else would you like to see?


1:35 >> QUIRIJN: We started testing with two people.

1:35 - 1:39 Two other employees working behind their laptops. In addition, you can see consultation between two employees. Quirijn also comes into the frame to give explanations.

1:37 >> QUIRIJN: Then we quickly transitioned the entire team to HubSpot CRM.


1:39 >> QUIRIJN: That worked very well.

1:39 - 1:45 Quirijn standing behind the camera to tell his story. The camerawoman and Ron watching.

1:41 >> QUIRIJN: Especially because of other integrations we have, for example Aircall.


1:45 >> QUIRIJN: Calling other customers, that was automatically put right into HubSpot.

1:45 - 1:48 An employee in a green vest working behind her laptop. Another employee wearing a headset.  

1:48 >> QUIRIJN: After the implementation, we got so excited about HubSpot, we went to check it out, 

1:48 - 2:05 Quirijn explaining in front of the camera.

1:51 >> QUIRIJN: well I think there is a whole suite of possibilities behind it that we are not using yet.


1:55 >> QUIRIJN: For example, we have implemented our entire marketing suite and services suite from HubSpot.


2:00 >> QUIRIJN: Which means we answer all the customer questions, send the newsletters, and much more through HubSpot.


2:05 >> QUIRIJN: HubSpot is so big, there are so many things you can think about.

2:05 - 2:08 Another angle where Quirijn is in front of the camera explaining.

2:08 >> QUIRIJN: With Conversion Crew, we could play ping-pong. 

2:08 - 2:23 Quirijn standing right in front of the camera explaining.

2:10 >> QUIRIJN: We had agreed on a very clear system.


2:12 >> QUIRIJN: This is how we ask our questions, this works best for us.


2:16 >> QUIRIJN: This saved us a lot of time in the implementation process.


2:19 >> QUIRIJN: As a result, it has gone much faster for us.


2:21 >> QUIRIJN: We also now know that we have implemented HubSpot in the best way,


2:23 >> QUIRIJN: because Ron is the expert on HubSpot.

2:23 - 2:26 Ron talking to an employee of Leadinfo. 

2:26 >> QUIRIJN: Within HubSpot, there are still legions of possibilities that we can start doing.

2:26 - 2:35 Quirijn standing in front of the camera explaining. A white and blue bar appears on the right side of the screen, reading "Possibilities.

2:30 >> QUIRIJN: We are now using WordPress for our website.


2:33 >> QUIRIJN: This can also be implemented in HubSpot.


2:35 >> QUIRIJN: They just launched a super great feature with payments.

2:35 - 2:38 The right side of Quirijn's head is shown as he stands explaining.

2:38 >> QUIRIJN: We ourselves are growing super fast as a company. We've been around for five years, we now have 20 employees.

2:38 - 2:50 Quirijn standing right in front of the camera explaining.

2:42 >> QUIRIJN: That number almost doubles every year.


2:44 >> QUIRIJN: This means that we will be onboarding another 20 new people within HubSpot in the coming year.


2:48 >> QUIRIJN: Start adjusting the flows better.


2:50 >> QUIRIJN: To make the well-oiled machine that we have already put in place in the market even more smoother.

2:50 - 2:54 A female employee sitting behind her laptop working. Then a male employee sitting in a focus cubicle. An orange notebook with notes and a set of papers on a desk.

2:54 >> QUIRIJN: And making sure we can scale even more with HubSpot.

2:54 - 2:57 Quirijn standing right in front of the camera explaining.

2:57 >> QUIRIJN: My motto is always, "You can't manage what you can't measure.

2:57 - 3:00 A blue lego wall with the Leadinfo logo.

3:00 >> QUIRIJN: It would also be kind of stupid if we didn't do that in this implementation.

3:00 - 3:03 Quirijn standing right in front of the camera explaining.

3:03 >> QUIRIJN: The number of days in which someone is onboarded within Leadinfo has really decreased drastically.

3:03 - 3:10 Quirijn standing right in front of the camera explaining. A white and blue bar appears in the lower right corner of the screen reading "Results".

3:08 >> QUIRIJN: To more than half the time.


3:10 >> QUIRIJN: That's because there is a lot of HubSpot material available online.

3:10 Quirijn standing right in front of the camera explaining.

3:14 >> QUIRIJN: So people can take an e-learning and actually know right away how the CRM system works. 

3:14 - 3:18 The Leadinfo logo on a green moss wall. A male colleague having an online meeting at his desk. 

3:18 >> QUIRIJN: The number of customer inquiries and questions about customers has also decreased.

3:18 -3:43 Quirijn standing right in front of the camera explaining.

3:22 >> QUIRIJN: Anyone can just look in HubSpot. See what the latest communication has been.


3:26  >> QUIRIJN:In addition, the bottom line is always the most important to us, how much extra turnover has been generated.


3:31 >> QUIRIJN: We are guessing that around 20 to 25 percent extra turnover was generated.


3:36 >> QUIRIJN: Just by introducing more efficient processes, implementing HubSpot, and making sure everything is tightly lined up for the best results.


3:43 [Outro music]

3:43 - 3:45 A white background with Conversion Crew's blue logo.


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