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HubSpot Reporting

Build complete dashboards, gain new insights into your target group and answer all their questions.


Growth through dashboards

What are reports?

To grow as a company, you need goals and objectives. More specifically, you need SMART goals for your business to create a clear picture of how you are doing.

In addition to performance tracking, reports and dashboards in HubSpot are the best ways to find out where the pain points of your target group are (or aren’t). Together with you, we will consider these factors to help you grow further.


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Do everything with a purpose

Where do you want to go with your business? Are you aiming for turnover growth, or are you looking to expand your customer base? These are some of the many vital questions for setting clear KPIs and measuring your company’s performance.

You will need a straightforward method to achieve these goals. So we will examine your current processes together and create a targeted action plan with SMART goals. This will quickly give you a clearer understanding of how your business can grow.

Record insights

Reports are not only for showing progress; they also help you discover new opportunities in the market. We are happy to look at your website performance and CRM data together to capture new insights.

You will discover what your customers need, which content is missing from your website, and your target group’s pain points. Together with you, we will convert these insights into a targeted plan so that your website offers an answer for every touchpoint in the customer journey.

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Build complete HubSpot dashboards

Your critical KPIs are now SMART and tell you whether your business goals are on track. But HubSpot’s reporting tools don’t stop with your most important business goals.

Whether dealing with marketing performance, sales targets or tickets from your customer service team, building dashboards in HubSpot helps you create a picture of performance across departments and teams.

How do we work?

Needless to say, your current data must be clearly visible in HubSpot. We will examine your needs together before we start working on making your data transparent. It goes without saying that we will guide you through the process!

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Could HubSpot be the right choice for you?

Want to know more about reporting?

If you would like to find out more about what the reporting tool has to offer and are keen to get started with the custom report builder but not quite sure how, let’s talk about what you want to achieve!

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