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All data from your current system to HubSpot

Migration to HubSpot

Migrate current tools

If you find yourself in a situation where valuable information is spread across different systems and you want to establish a single, reliable source of truth, it is essential to carefully migrate all data into the new system. This ensures that no historical data is lost.

Starting a migration process allows you to utilize the full potential of your new system, enabling you to unlock a wide range of benefits. You will not only be able to generate more accurate and insightful reports, but also maintain the integrity and quality of your data. 

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Understanding tools

Firstly, we will have to understand which tools are part of your current tech stack to see how they can be used in HubSpot. 

Understanding data

After we know which tools will be migrated over to HubSpot, we'll start making sense of the data and how the migration would be best handled.


After deciding on the best approach to start the migration process, we start its preparation in the HubSpot portal by doing a first batch import as a test.


After a successful preparation, it is time to complete the migration and go live in HubSpot. From this point on, all information is in the same place.

Standard Migrations

If your previous system has an easy way to export data, it can be easily imported into HubSpot through a manual process. It's crucial to ensure that all data is accurately mapped into HubSpot and that there are specific properties to store this information. Once the storage space is designated, data from your previous system will seamlessly transfer to these properties. A standard migration may involve one or more objects and their corresponding associations.

Conversion Crew can help you migrating your data so you make sure nothing is left behind and everything falls into the right place.

Third-Party System

If your previous system doesn't have an option to export data or if you are not too keen on a manual import, there is always the possibility to recur to a third-party system to do the migration for you.

These can be viewed and installed in HubSpot's App Marketplace where you can choose from a wide variety depending on your needs.

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Frequently asked questions about migrations in HubSpot

How can I set up a migration with HubSpot?
The first step is to look at your current tech stack and understand how you would like to see it in HubSpot. Then, you can decide between a manual import or getting help by a third party. 
What do I benefit from migrating data to HubSpot?
Migrating your data to HubSpot provides numerous benefits, such as streamlining information, optimizing operations, improving reporting capabilities, reducing manual tasks, and guaranteeing a trustworthy data source. This also helps to elevate data quality and integrity.

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