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Find all your data in a single overview

What is the problem?

Data scattered throughout several systems

There are many tools available for marketing, sales and service departments. As these tools often work independently of each other, there is little or no oversight covering these teams. In turn, this leads to poorer collaboration within the company. So how can you make sure that all data is collected at a central point so that all teams are aware of everything?

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The solution to your challenge

It’s important that the data that you collect and that you need to assist your customers is easy to find in a system. HubSpot is the perfect place to store all your data related to sales, marketing and services. Combining everything into a single system lets you make sure that all staff are always up to date about the latest developments. If you use the various tools in HubSpot, you can quickly switch between departments.

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How do you reach your goal?

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Case study


Fairybell and Conversion Crew joined forces to apply and configure the Sales Professional Hub. By hosting a training and implementation session with the team, we were able to guarantee a smooth and effective transition and put this new sales process into action with everyone's collaboration.


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