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Revenue Operations

HubSpot RevOps

Scale up your business by improving collaboration between your departments. That’s how you help your customer better and get your business to grow faster and better.


Everything in a single central system

What is RevOps about?

The term RevOps refers to everything your organization needs for better growth and for helping customers better. If you want to work on improving the customer experience in a coordinated manner, your departments must have shared goals and collaborate efficiently.


  • Checkmark 1 Collaborate efficiently
  • Checkmark 2 Improve handovers
  • Checkmark 3 Automate and scale up
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Set shared goals

Start at the beginning. Your marketing, sales, customer service and IT teams need to have shared goals. Properly aligned goals lead to time savings, improved collaboration between teams and, consequently, an improved customer experience.

Your goals can be pretty basic; they will still create clarity within the departments of your company. Some examples:

  • 50% more turnover from existing customers within one year
  • Ten new customers in the IT sector for product/service X by Q2 of next year

Goals like these give your staff departments a better understanding of how their work helps your organization grow.

Work from the same database

All data is managed in a single central system. In other words: no separate tools for your marketing processes, ticketing system and sales outreach, but a single system in which all teams collaborate.

The result? Improved internal handovers, more focus in daily operations, and increased understanding of other departments’ work.

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Focus on your customer’s pain points

Watch your focus shift even more to your customer’s challenges and pain points. Simply put, your customer only wants one thing: better assistance in solving their problems and challenges. Preferably with your product or service, of course. So remember: ‘solve for their success, not your systems’.

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