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Your website in HubSpot

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Your company’s calling card

Your website is for attracting visitors, making conversions and ultimately landing customers. We make sure everything ends up in the right UX/UI flow, all in the company’s corporate identity and in a clean design. Your website will also function optimally and your CMS is connected to all your other HubSpot tools. The result is a website that exudes professionalism, and visitors will love coming back to your website.

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A new website

What does the process look like?


The first step in building a website is to map out your goals. What are you looking to achieve, and how will you go about it? A strategy often affects your website more than you would expect. A good start is half the battle.


To build a website, you start with a plan. Once the strategy is in place, you can start working on the wireframes of your website. The wireframing phase focuses on the structure: where the information points will go and the structure of your URLs. This involves thinking about the desired conversion actions and identifying logical and pleasant conversion paths for visitors. This process avoids confusion and irritation for your website visitors.


In addition to good features, a website needs a sleek design that appeals to its target audience. A website with an appropriate design not only attracts customers but also makes customers want to stay on your website. We can make sure your website is as pretty as a picture and acts as an extension of your organisation.


Building and testing

Once the preliminary steps have been completed, we start building and testing the website. We will let you know in advance how long we will be working on the project so that you can take this into account.



Once the website has been tested, you can start using it. We will always explain how you should proceed to make optimum use of the website. If you have any questions afterwards, we’ll be happy to assist.

Discuss your website requirements


Take a quick look at our website projects! You’ll find a collection of our latest and most successful projects.

Custom modules and templates

What is a custom module or template?

A template is the basis of every web page and therefore has a great influence on the end result. A module is a building block of your website with a specific functionality. You have standard templates and modules, and custom templates and modules. Sometimes a standard CMS solution just does not have the functionalities you need. We build the modules and templates, so that it exactly meets your wishes. To save time, we can also convert the existing template or module, and add the new functionalities.

Custom modules and templates

What does the process look like?

Mapping out the project together

With a clear briefing, we can get started on the project immediately. If you need our advice to determine which solution suits you best, we will discuss this together.

Build and test

As soon as the project has been mapped out, we start building and testing the template or module. We provide an estimate of the project in advance.


Once the template or module has been tested, you can start using it. We always provide an explanation of how your new product works, so that you can use it optimally. Do you have any questions afterwards? Then we are happy to help you.


Marketers can effortlessly create pages and customisations with the drag-and-drop builder. What’s more, thanks to HubSpot CMS’s user-friendly design, compiling and customising pages is self-explanatory.

Integrated with other Hubs

Get the most out of HubSpot integrate your website with the rest of the CRM. This lets you use your valuable data to build unique user experiences.

A secure experience

The security of your site environment is crucial for several reasons, such as protecting your customer data and creating a better experience for your site visitors. HubSpot does everything in its power to keep your website as secure as possible at all times.

The right developer for your process

These friendly experts are ready to help you with your development project.

Case study


Fairybell and Conversion Crew joined forces to apply and configure the Sales Professional Hub. By hosting a training and implementation session with the team, we were able to guarantee a smooth and effective transition and put this new sales process into action with everyone's collaboration.


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If you’re ready for a new website, we have a solution to suit your budget and requirements. If you’re curious, come and meet us!

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Help visitors get the basic idea within a few seconds, so they understand what this section is about.

What is HubSpot CMS?
HubSpot CMS is a content management tool by HubSpot, where you can manage your website, landing pages and blogs. With the drag-and-drop builder, you can effortlessly create pages without the need to get a developer involved.
What are the advantages of HubSpot CMS for web development?

With HubSpot CMS Hub, you can seamlessly integrate with other HubSpot hubs and other external apps. Experience the convenience of the user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. It also offers countless additional features, such as A/B testing, built-in analytics tools, responsive design with various preview options and smart content. Discover the possibilities for yourself and improve your website with HubSpot CMS Hub.

How can I optimise my website for search engines (SEO) in HubSpot CMS?

HubSpot comes with its own SEO tool, which helps companies increase their online visibility. The HubSpot SEO tool performs a thorough analysis of the website and provides valuable insights about your current SEO performance. It then offers recommendations and suggestions for optimising content, metadata and technical aspects of the website. What’s more, it helps identify relevant keywords and track search engine rankings.

Can I integrate external systems with HubSpot CMS?

Absolutely! Integrating external systems or services with HubSpot CMS can prove a valuable addition for your company. Integrating external systems with HubSpot CMS allows you to provide your customers with a seamless experience, with relevant information that is available at the right time. This lets you create personalised marketing campaigns, follow up leads better and improve the overall customer experience. Get ready to take your business to the next level with HubSpot CMS and the option to integrate external systems.

How do I measure the performance of my website in HubSpot CMS?

Measuring the performance of your website is crucial. Fortunately, HubSpot CMS has several tools and features to help you take these measurements. The HubSpot Analytics tool is one of the most widely used tools. It lets you track important statistics like the number of visitors and page views, and conversion rates. You can even create custom reports to analyse specific data that is relevant to your website. You can also run A/B tests with HubSpot CMS, so you can test different versions of your website and get the best results. With all these tools at your disposal, you can effectively quantify and optimise your website’s performance – and get the most out of it.

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