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Integrate HubSpot and Exact Online

The right HubSpot integration for you

Advantages of the connection with HubSpot and Exact Online

Having the HubSpot-Exact Online integration helps you getting rid of the time-consuming task of manually importing data. This saves you time and prevents errors.

How do we operate?

The steps for connecting HubSpot and Exact Online

Custom integration or standard HubSpot integration? 

First of all, we look at whether the standard HubSpot Marketplace integration meets your needs or whether a custom integration is required.

Standaard integratie sufficient? Amazing! Then we can get started. 

Custom integratie required? Talk to sales.

What data needs to be transferred from Exact Online to HubSpot?

As a second step, we will determine what data needs to be transferred. We will also check whether we need to realise custom properties for this or if we are good to go.

Get the integration ready for use

In this phase, we will turn on the integration. We do this by mapping all fields from Exact Online to the appropriate fields in HubSpot.

Connect with your customers everywhere

Ready to go! The connection is turned on. From now on, you can see the right data in HubSpot.

Insights in data

With the integration between Exact Online and HubSpot, you will have insight into your data in both systems. This is ideal for carrying out marketing or sales-related actions in HubSpot. 

After implementing this integration, it will be easier to analyse data and gain new insights.

Seamless integration

With the connection between Exact Online and HubSpot, you create a seamless integration between the two systems. You can set up a one- or two-way sync, meaning you can sync data from Exact Online to HubSpot, from HubSpot to Exact online or back and forth.

Directly from the HubSpot marketplace

The standard integration between Exact Online and HubSpot can be installed in the HubSpot marketplace. the best thing is we don't need a developer to set up the integration. 

Custom field mappings

Naast de standaard velden kun je met een HubSpot Operations Hub licentie ook custom fields overzetten van Exact Online naar HubSpot. Dit zorgt ervoor dat je nóg beter inzicht hebt in de data in HubSpot. 

Our crew are at your service

The right crew member for your issue

Want to know more about the integration between Exact Online and HubSpot?

We would like to talk to you about all the possibilities and answer all of your questions!

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Frequently asked questions about the integration between Exact Online and HubSpot. 

Where can I find the standard integration?

The standard integration between Exact Online and HubSpot can be found in the HubSpot App Marketplace. This can be accessed from your HubSpot environment.

Why can't I connect custom fields with the integration?

Custom fields can only be mapped with the integration if you have a licence for HubSpot Operations Hub. 

Do you have this licence, but can't figure it out? Let us know, we will be happy to look into it with you.

Can I do this integration myself?

With the standard integration from the HubSpot App Marketplace, you can turn on the integration yourself. We are, of course, happy to take a look with you.