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Improve collaboration between teams

What’s the problem?

No insight into communication

Different departments in your company use their own tools and systems. This raises the problem that teams often work at cross purposes. There is no insight into communication with customers and keeping each other informed of developments becomes difficult. How can you make sure that the teams within your company are on the same page?

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The solution to your challenge

Collaboration between teams within your company is absolutely crucial. Marketing and sales teams, for example, often need to work closely together to bring in leads. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a clear picture of what has been discussed with potential customers? Real-time overviews of customer communications and being able to keep each other up to date creates efficiency and reduces friction in the team. If you know what has been discussed with customers, you can also make sure that customers don’t have to repeat things all the time.

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How do you reach your goal?

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Case study


Fairybell and Conversion Crew joined forces to apply and configure the Sales Professional Hub. By hosting a training and implementation session with the team, we were able to guarantee a smooth and effective transition and put this new sales process into action with everyone's collaboration.


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