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Integrations and Migrations

Integrate your data in HubSpot

Make the most of HubSpot’s migration and integration capabilities and connect external data to HubSpot’s powerful CRM tools.


Standard and tailor-made integrations with HubSpot

What are integrations?

In simple terms, integration is a way of linking two systems. When you integrate a system with HubSpot, you can use your portal even more efficiently to serve your customers.

HubSpot’s partner program lets you set up relatively simple links between HubSpot and systems like WebinarGeek or Shopify. Create an ecosystem full of possibilities to help you get more out of your CRM – without the hassle. If your system isn’t listed, HubSpot’s API offers options for customization!


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Integrations and migrations

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Work centrally in your HubSpot CRM

Companies that work with multiple tools or systems often find that data becomes confusing. Integrations with HubSpot aim to keep these processes accessible while using HubSpot as your central CRM system.

Your organization might work with Shopify or WebinarGeek, but use HubSpot as the single source of truth for your customer data. HubSpot can be integrated with these tools (and a whopping 400 others) to send data back and forth. The result is that historical data is retained and you can use HubSpot even more efficiently to facilitate the best customer experience.

Link various systems to your HubSpot CRM

You can integrate HubSpot with a variety of ERP, ATS and CRM systems. This lets your organization record daily processes and targets and customer follow-up in a single system. Take a moment to consider the benefits: time savings, improved internal communication and an organized system for approaching and retaining customers.

In addition to continuous integrations, HubSpot’s API also offers the option of a one-off data migration. You can also use the apps once or opt for a tailor-made solution here. Suppose for example that you have just switched to Marketing Hub and finished your last Mailchimp campaign: you can transfer your Mailchimp data to HubSpot in its entirety, letting you reduce the number of MarTech tools further and work more efficiently in your CRM.

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Discover new possibilities

Integrations and migrations are part of a vital process: realizing maximum growth for your organization. HubSpot’s reporting features will help you gain new insights from old or current data.

Together with you, we will also examine how we can get more out of existing integrations or how a migration might be used to stimulate your business growth. Could we use e-commerce data to create new workflows? Could we set up account-based marketing to find new customers? We look forward to finding answers to these questions and many others!

How do we work?

We start with an audit to decide the optimum direction. We examine your goals, desires and current solutions.

Your data must be entered into HubSpot securely and completely so we will involve your organization in the process from the very start. What is the situation? How is data organized and how does it fit together? Or, if we are looking at integration, are we dealing with one-way or two-way synchronization? And how frequently should synchronization happen?

These questions and many others give us the foundations for drafting an implementation plan for use during the process of setting up the links. This method guarantees a proper, secure transition of your customer data.

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Is HubSpot for you?

Want to find out more about integrations with HubSpot?

If you have a sneaky suspicion that you could get more out of your CRM, or if your organization is keen to professionalize its data and automation, we’ll be happy to examine your needs and determine which HubSpot integrations can help your organization move forward!

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