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HubSpot Strategy

Digital growth starts with a good plan.

How do you develop a good strategy?

Digital growth starts with a good plan.

A good strategy is vital for everyone. It makes the mission, vision and goals of the company clear to the management, employees and other stakeholders. It is the ‘hook’ on which you hang all your actions, a plan that shows the big picture of where you want to go as a company and what you want to achieve.

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Tailored to your wishes

HubSpot’s CRM lets you link all your existing and future information about contacts, companies, deals, tickets and products into a single convenient overview. You will then be able to convey a well thought-out, personalized narrative and deliver better service. The large number of integrations mean you can also easily retrieve information from your other systems in HubSpot. How’s that for a true 360-degree customer view?

Defining your ideal customer

When defining a strategy, it is important to know exactly who your ideal customer is: your buyer persona. Part of writing a good plan is therefore also a workshop in which we look at who exactly your customer is, what customer journey they go through and how we can best reach them. Where are your customers located online? How do they search for information? What social media channels do they use?

Buyer Persona
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A peek inside your HubSpot portal

Once you have decided on your buyer personas and customer journey, we will take a look at your portal in HubSpot. We will discuss any opportunities you may encounter and offer a solution based on quick wins and recommendations.

Targeted Strategy

Working from these recommendations, we can start optimizing your HubSpot environment. How are the tools currently set up? How can we optimize the use of existing tools? What other tools might be useful to you? We will start setting up the tools and offering solutions to all these issues based on a targeted strategy.


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