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Conversion Crew has supported Leadinfo in setting up and implementing HubSpot. A collaboration that we have really enjoyed!

Video: The case of Leadinfo & Conversion Crew

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The system

Leadinfo chose HubSpot Diamond Partner Conversion Crew to accelerate the assignment of leads to the HubSpot CRM. But how does Leadinfo's system work?

By linking a visitor's IP address to Leadinfo's unique database, the software gives you an overview of each user, from where they work to their behaviour on your website. Other aspects that Leadinfo offers include:

  • Automatic lead scoring
  • Automating your work
  • Exporting all your data for reports
  • Google Ads integration
  • Generating leads in real-time
  • Real-time inbox
  • Retargeting 

Thanks to the diversity of possibilities, Leadinfo's system is perfect to use with HubSpot. This way you get the best out of Leadinfo and HubSpot!

Who is Leadinfo?

Leadinfo has developed software that can identify business customers on a commercial website to create more of an overview. For instance, 98% of website visitors do nothing on your website. The software gives you insights into this process so you can respond more actively to leads that do come through the website. In addition, you can better recognize website visitors to make your sales funnel grow faster.

Handy form tools can also be utilized to get more conversions, giving you even more opportunities to follow up on your leads. Another big advantage, Leadinfo's software can easily be used together with HubSpot.

Also want to implement HubSpot?

More information

A successful implementation of HubSpot

Prior to working with HubSpot, assigning leads was a time-consuming process for Leadinfo. After all, customer data was scattered in different places, spreadsheets, Pipedrive, or the in-house CRM system. To bring a common thread to the processing of customer data, Leadinfo came to Conversion Crew. The result, centralized work from one CRM software, HubSpot.

Leadinfo started small but targeted with HubSpot to learn the ropes. How does HubSpot work and what does it mean for Leadinfo? Through testing with colleagues it was quickly concluded that HubSpot is the ideal system. Other integrations, for instance, Aircall and WordPress are also uncomplicated and straightforward.

Conversion Crew has supported Leadinfo with the implementation and sett up of HubSpot since 2018. This involved the following HubSpot Hubs:


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