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HubSpot Sales Hub

Use your CRM to close more deals, maintain better relationships and manage your pipeline more efficiently.

What is HubSpot Sales Hub?

A seamless sales process without friction

HubSpot’s Sales Hub has all the tools you need to optimize your sales process. The combination with the CRM provides an easy overview and allows your sales team to use their time as efficiently as possible.

  • Checkmark 1 Start the conversation
  • Checkmark 2 Improve relationships
  • Checkmark 3 Manage the pipeline
  • Checkmark 4 Reach your leads

Tools for a better customer experience

icon-attract Attract

Make your business stand out and be sure you won’t miss out on a single contact moment with your leads.

  • checkmark Email templates & tracking
  • checkmark Customer profiles
  • checkmark Document management & tracking

icon-engage Engage

Boost your productivity with valuable tools and data and let your activities rely on smart automation.

  • checkmark Meeting planner
  • checkmark Sales automation
  • checkmark Live chat

icon-delight Delight

Close more deals thanks to good sales processes and a CRM that helps you on your way.

  • checkmark Quotes
  • checkmark Playbooks
  • checkmark Analytics and reporting

Tools for a better customer experience

Smart tools can help you achieve good interaction with (potential) customers. For example, you can give your potential customers the feeling that they can decide. You could consider using the meeting tool that allows customers to schedule a meeting at a time that suits them.

More about Sales Hub

Talk to your leads

You want to be able to reach your leads properly when they are in contact with the sales department. Often the same emails are sent dozens of times a day, but what if you automated this? This will create more time for keeping track of your contacts in the CRM!

Why HubSpot Sales Hub?

  • Email templates
  • Email and call tracking
  • Contact management
Ask about the possibilities

Is HubSpot Sales Hub for you?

Easy to implement and use

The HubSpot CRM is very user-friendly, so you can find your way around quickly and easily. The sales tools in HubSpot are very straightforward, but it may be nice to get some help implementing them correctly.

If you want to experience how the sales tools in HubSpot work, schedule a no-strings-attached demo:

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Insights that your team needs

Powerful sales software that keeps your sales team organized. With the right tools, your sales team can devote its full attention to new leads so that you can apply automation to different processes and save time.

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Learn more about Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub Training

Dive into Sales Hub with HubSpot Training that explains to all team members how the tools work in HubSpot and helps them understand exactly how all the tools work together.

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Do you want to find out more about Sales Hub?

If you’re curious about the options for Sales Hub, please get in touch right away (no strings attached) or request a demo. We look forward to dropping by and showing you what HubSpot can do for you!

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