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Conversion Crew's Hubdates - June

3 min read
4 July 2024
Conversion Crew's Hubdates - June

Every day, week and month, there are many new updates in the HubSpot landscape. This can be very overwhelming, which is why we decided to share the best and most valuable HubSpot updates each month in a blog. Read this month's 4 best Hubdates below! 

New workflow actions for Associations 

The workflows tool gets better and better. New workflow actions are live that will make using associations a lot easier.

Here's how it works. You can automate the management of associations and association labels using workflows. This will improve the quality of your data and require much less manual work. With the new workflow actions, you can: 

Create new associations between records 
Add association labels to a record
Update a record's association label
Remove association labels from a record

This further streamlines the processes in your portal and makes managing associations even easier. 

New in Lists: Create Ticket, Cart and Order Lists

A commonly used feature within the HubSpot CRM is Lists. HubSpot has recently added some options to this feature, namely the option to create lists for the below types of information in your CRM:

  • Tickets
  • Orders 
  • Carts 

Now you can easily find your most important tickets by using a property of the Tickets object or associated objects, for example. Once you have created a list of tickets, you can use that list in various Service Hub tools and workflows, dashboards and saved views. The same goes for orders here. You can find the most important orders by filtering by certain properties or dates from the Order or Cart object.

ticket lists

Bookmarks for your frequently used tools

Following the modified navigation menu, a feature has now been added for all HubSpot users. Previously, the navigation menu was the same for every user. However, a user uses HubSpot's features in his/her own way. Therefore, to enable a personalised experience for every user, HubSpot has now introduced Bookmarks.

What are the advantages for you? 

👉 Streamlined access to apps you use a lot on a daily basis
👉 A more efficient way of working in HubSpot
👉 Bookmarks that match your preferences

You can add 1 to 5 Bookmarks by clicking on the icon next to a secondary menu item. 

Extra options for Lead scoring 

You can now also sign up for the Private Beta for Lead Scoring. These new features will give you more control over tracking and prioritizing leads.

Ready to get started? 
👉 After you have been enrolled for the Private Beta, navigate to Marketing -> 'Lead Scoring' -> click on 'Create score'.
👉 Select which type of score you want to create:
- A contact engagement score that measures contact engagement based on behaviour and interactions.
- A contact fit score that measures how well contacts are aligned with your ideal customer, based on their demographic or business criteria.

☝️ Once you have everything set up properly, you can start selecting events and properties to build your score:
- Events such as CTA clicks, opens of marketing emails or completed forms for your engagement scores.
- Characteristics of contacts, such as annual sales, company size or location for your fit scores.

As soon as that is all done, you are able to use lead scoring in other HubSpot tools such as workflows and lists!


Do you have questions regarding any of these (or all the other) updates? Get in touch with us! 

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