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HubSpot Playbooks: Professional vs Enterprise Subscription

2 min read
9 October 2023
HubSpot Playbooks: Professional vs Enterprise Subscription

It is easy to understand why HubSpot's Playbook tool and functionality is very popular among its users.  One common question does arise when looking at the functionality: What is the distinction between features available for HubSpot Professional and Enterprise users? In this blog I will discuss the differences that come with the mentioned subscriptions in relation to the Playbook tool, as well as what a HubSpot Playbook is.

What is a HubSpot Playbook?

HubSpot Playbooks are a powerful tool encompassed within the system to provide its users with a customized step by step guide, including best practices to follow, for various organizational processes. The Playbook functionality serves as a reference for standardization processes, enabling users to save notes taken and answered given within record overviews directly into their CRM.

Professional playbooks

When considering the Playbooks tool with a professional HubSpot subscription, a variety of features are available. At the core of this tool, Playbooks enable users to create interactive content "scripts", that can be accessed and displayed within contact, company, deal and ticket records. Playbooks lead the way for team members on specific tasks or processes, ensuring consistency and accuracy of data collection. 

Professional Playbooks

Enterprise playbooks

With an Enterprise subscription, you can take the usage of Playbooks to a higher level. It is true that all the features regarding the Playbook functionality for Professional subscriptions are available, but additionally with an Enterprise subscription you have the ability to save answers directly into your HubSpot properties, default or custom. This means that valuable information collected can be automatically stored and organized in an intended manner, saving more time and effort for your teams. Utilizing the functionality of saving or updating properties directly within Playbooks is especially useful when your organization prioritizes specific information and wants this data up to date and stored in a defined way. In addition, with information stored directly into properties, it allows for a seamless integration with other HubSpot tools, creating a more efficient way of working.

Enterprise Playbooks

In conclusion, HubSpot's Playbook tool is valuable for any company looking to standardize, improve and increase process productivity. Whether you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription this tool can lead a hand in providing your team members with process overviews and give them the ability to save their important notes with ease.

If you want to know more about all Playbook possibilities or see how the tool works, reach out now and we would be happy to help.


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