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Personalizing the Customer Journey with HubSpot Marketing Hub

3 min read
27 July 2023
Personalizing the Customer Journey with HubSpot Marketing Hub

Aligned to the HubSpot CRM, the Marketing Hub can help you plan and enhance your customer journey. With features like smart content and dynamic personalization, businesses can create personalized experiences to reach their target audience.

Smart Content Rules

Smart content rules allow you to customize your modules based on a viewer's category. This allows you to personalize messages based on filters without having to create a different email for each audience you want to target. This will improve your customer experience by establishing a closer, engaging and more relevant relationship with your contact.

On email modules, you can add smart rules based on lifecycle stages or list memberships. Depending on how far your target is on their lifecycle stage, you may want to personalize the content of their email. Maybe a more hands-on approach if they are a very good prospect? And a more nurturing approach if they are a long customer of yours? Do you have clients worldwide and would like to add a touch of personalization depending on where your contact is based? This can all be done through a list membership filtered by countries or even preferences.

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 9.31.43 AM-1

Personalization Tokens

This feature is a crucial asset to include in any form of communication you have. Personalization tokens are based off a contact's property, meaning you can do anything with the information you have from a contact. Create a closer relationship with your reader by addressing them by their name and even their home country. If their favorite hobby is playing golf, why not making a reference to it and showing that you care? This feature adds value to your form of communication without even trying! Everything is automatically filled in according to the information you have stored in each contact record. Aligned with the use of smart content rules, dynamic personalization allows businesses to tailor their content based on a customer's stage in the buyer's journey, ensuring they receive the right information at the right time. 

Lead Nurturing Workflows

Workflows help businesses automate processes, whether it is to nurture leads, guide them through the customer journey with personalized content and targeted messaging, or just to streamline the process between sales and marketing by automating internal procedures. Overall, HubSpot Marketing Hub gives companies the resources they need to design a seamless and customized customer journey that will ultimately increase client happiness and spur company growth.
Lead nurturing workflows help you keep track of connections with contacts at every stage of their customer journey, typically via marketing and communications message. Workflows are used in automated lead nurturing to send messages in response to previously set criteria.

Check the example below on how to reach out to a lead that showed interest in booking a demo request.

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 11.48.24 AM


Tips for creating tailored experience

Focus on the points below to assure a tailored experience for your contacts:

  • Use lists for contact segmentation
  • Benefit from personalization tokens
  • Define and keep your goal in mind throughout the process
  • Add time delays in between actions to prevent spamming your recipients
  • Analyze data to understand which emails are doing best and which ones need to improve in order to increase contact engagement

Using Marketing Hub in HubSpot is a very powerful tool when creating a tailored experience for your contacts. By taking the most out of the mentioned features, such as smart content rules, personalization tokens, lead nurturing workflows and segmentation you can customize and enhance your customer journey by automating processes to deliver personalized and targeted messages.

So, what are you waiting for? Unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts within Marketing Hub and create a close and personalized relationship with your contacts to boost engagement.