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Top HubSpot Marketing Plugins and Integrations to Enhance Your Strategy

3 min read
16 June 2023
Top HubSpot Marketing Plugins and Integrations to Enhance Your Strategy

HubSpot is an amazing tool by itself but connecting it to other external tools can only give you access to an immense variety of possibilities.

Read this blog to know more about the best plugins and integrations to connect with HubSpot to enhance your strategy and optimize your processes even more. Regardless of your license in HubSpot, there are essential plugins and connections that will add value to your business.

Email and Calendar Connection

By connecting your email account to HubSpot, you are able to send one-to-one emails from the CRM, log and track email replies to the CRM and even make use of Sales tool if you have Sales Hub.

This email address should only be used by your user and no one else on your team should access it. It should be your primary email address, such as your business email address, that you use to communicate with your connections.

Multiple personal email accounts can be linked to HubSpot so that your user can send emails.
You can choose between different email providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, Exchange and others.

Sales Extension

If you have Sales Hub, you cannot miss out on this amazing feature! With the HubSpot Sales Extension you can access your sales tools directly from your inbox. Have access to sales email templates, snippets, documents, sequences, meeting links and more.

Furthermore, this extension allows you to track and log your emails directly from your inbox so you can then search for communication between you and a specific contact on the contact's record.

There is also the possibility of searching for your HubSpot contact database and edit its properites and associated objects directly from your email inbox. By having access to the contact database, you are able to create tasks and deals for this contact, as well as make a call.

HubSpot Tracking Code

Your website isn't hosted in HubSpot but you would love to have everything in one place? Nothing to worry about. With the HubSpot tracking code you are able to connect your website into HubSpot and get all the analytics within it. Get a full performance and website traffic analysis of elements from your website such as blog pages, landing pages, and website pages.

HubSpot Marketplace

HubSpot offers a wide range of free and paid applications that you can install in your portal.
By integrating an external application in HubSpot, you are able to use features of one system in another. Take the most out of each platform and connect both tools to complement your business strategy. Feel free to search your external tool on the navigation bar or even take some inspiration on which apps could add value to your company on the left side options.

Screen Shot 2023-06-14 at 11.04.46 PM


AirCall is a cloud-based call center and phone system. Designed to make phone support easy to manage, accessible, transparent, and collaborative. AirCall is one of the best examples of apps that you can connect with HubSpot. This phone and communication platform integrates with your CRM to help improve your team's productivity and your customer's satisfaction.

With AirCall you get an overview of which contacts were contacted or even the ones that still need a follow-up. You are able to assign calls to other team members within the mobile app and have the possibility to create contact records through the HubSpot Integration. By connecting it to HubSpot you are able to have automatic ticket creation, new custom properties, tag syncing and click-to-call.

This app is known for its amazing features such as call routing, interactive voice response, warm transfer and shared call inbox. If the app is good by itself, imagine when integrated with your CRM. Find below some of the benefits you can get by connecting it to HubSpot: 

  • Streamlined processes
  • The ability to track the whole customer journey
  • All data is synchronized, complete,  in one place and automated
  • Customer history at your fingertips
  • Flexibility

Read more about this incredible app and integration here.