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HubSpots Live Chat: What is it and does it have benefits?

2 min read
16 June 2023
HubSpots Live Chat: What is it and does it have benefits?

In the current day and age, customers are gravitating towards real-time engagement and support from businesses. In order to adapt to this increasingly rapid environment and meet client expectations, organizations are looking to tools to fulfil these needs. HubSpots live chat functionality might be just the tool to adopt!

In this blog I will cover what is HubSpots live chat tool as well as the benefits it offers.

What is HubSpot's live chat tool?

HubSpots live chat tool is connected to your website and HubSpot CRM. The chat widget appears within your chosen website pages allowing customers to click and begin conversations via instant messaging within a private window browser with an available team member. The live chat tool is connected to a channel within HubSpots conversations inbox. All messages are captured within the selected inbox and is where company representatives are able to reply and revisit past conversations. This tool not only enables your companies team members to connect and communicate with website visitors, but allows your customers to ask questions and receive support in real-time! 

What are the benefits?

Let's look at some benefits of utilizing this HubSpot tool.

Improve the customer service experience

As mentioned above, one of the main advantages of implementing live chat on your website is the ability to provide quick answers to customers about your products and services. Customers prefer to engage with organizations in a timely manner, specifically companies that give the option of multiple support avenues. It is true that some clients do not mind receiving an email in 2 - 5 business days, but in the current competitive environment having the ability to gain real-time solutions assures your target market fuss free interactions and a sense that you are there when they need you most.

Save on support costs

It is common practice that businesses utilize phone support. Whilst this is a viable option it is often costly. Enabling live chat will allow your team members to assist multiple queries simultaneously. The best of all, this tool comes at no additional cost when you have a HubSpot subscription, it is available for all products and plans.

Understand pain points

When reviewing support structures in place such as email or telephonic calls, its often challenging to identify common pain points with customers as they are only directed and handled by one team member. When you have implemented HubSpots live chat tool it is easy for team members to access chat conversation history, which in turn can be reviewed and filtered to dive deeper and understand your clients soft spots.

Minimize handling time

We can all agree that long wait times for support from businesses can be quite frustrating to say the least. Enabling HubSpots live chat tool can allow you to cut down on your average support handling time. When visiting your website and selecting live chat, customers no longer need to spend time waiting as your dedicated team can quickly provide answers to simple queries and ask additional clarification questions if necessary to provide the correct solutions.

HubSpots live chat functionality holds many benefits and might just be the right tool to take your organizations support function to the next level!