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Video marketing on social media; how to use it for your business?

5 min read
17 May 2021
Video marketing on social media; how to use it for your business?

Video marketing and social media are hugely popular, and together they can take your company, brand or product to great heights. You come across video content on every social media channel every day. In order to appeal to your target group, you have to make optimal use of the power of moving images. This blog will tell you why video is so popular and how you can best use video content on each social media channel!

What makes video marketing so popular?

The impact of video content on social media is huge. Using video in your social content can reach a vast audience. But video content offers even more advantages. I will list them for you:

Video makes the business more personal 

  • It helps with customer retention
  • It ensures interaction with the target group and customers 
  • The target group is informed in a short time 
  • It's excellent for storytelling

videomarketing-social-mediaWith the growth of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok in particular, users are more attracted to watching video-related content than static content. Research by TheMediaLab in 2020 showed that more than 100 million hours of video are viewed on Facebook every day. The marketing experts at adQuadrant have researched the effect of video ads compared with image ads. Here are some striking statistics: 

  • 2x growth in clicks on video 
  • Increase in conversion by 20 to 30% 
  • A 2-3x higher click-through-ratio (CTR) 

The use of video marketing by companies is also on the rise. Wyzowl, one of the market leaders in video, researches the trends in video marketing each year. 86% of companies use video as a marketing tool. 93% of the marketing professionals surveyed consider video to be an important part of the marketing strategy.

Using video on social media 

When posting video content on social media, it is important to make sure that the videos are appropriate for the social media channel you are using for your business. Creating and posting videos on the socials should always contribute to achieving your marketing goals. 

For example, if your company’s goal is to get more people to download your e-book, include a short how-to video or introduction and include the link to the e-book landing page in the copy of your social post. 

Each social media channel has different target groups but also offers different possibilities! Let's take a look at how you can use video for each social media channel.


How many people do you see scrolling on their phones when you are on public transport in the morning? An astonishing number. Figures from adQuadrant conclude that 96% use Facebook on their phone rather than on a laptop. This means that the video content must also be optimized for mobile use. On Facebook, the silent auto-play strategy works best. The name says it all: automatic playback of silent videos. Indeed, 80% of users become irritated when the video plays sound automatically, especially when they are in public places.

So, make sure your video grabs their attention – with or without sound! Capture the user’s attention within the first 3 seconds and provide subtitles for the silent video.

Videomarketing facebook conversion crew


With 3.7 million daily users, Instagram is one of the most used channels in the Netherlands. On the Instagram feed, content on mobile phones is generally viewed quickly. So, make sure you immediately attract the user's attention. A GIF or short video is appropriate content; make sure you optimize it for the right format too.


Did you know that Instagram was the first platform to have silent auto-play videos? Another tip for a video without sound: start your video with movement to catch the user’s attention!


Instagram has also been using the Stories function for several years. This allows you to get your message across in 15-second videos. The great thing about Instagram Stories is that all the added features facilitate interaction with the audience. Stories have a full-screen format, so keep this in mind when creating your video.


LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals and B2B. With an increase of 39%, LinkedIn has more than 1 million daily users in 2021.

On the LinkedIn feed, it is important that your message grabs the attention. Video is a powerful way of doing this, but be sure to grab the viewers’ attention in the first few seconds. LinkedIn has 4 different main themes for the creation of your videos:

  1. Show it – Show what your product or service can do. You can do this by including short tutorials on how your product or service works.
  2. Transport them there – Video is a good way to convey an atmosphere or feeling to your audience. When your company organizes an event, it is good to post a video about the previous event so that those interested can see what they can expect. If an event has not yet taken place, you can record a sneak preview video.
  3. Teach it – Think about what your buyer personas might be struggling with or want to learn more about. Try explaining this to them in a video and offer a solution for your buyer personas.
  4. Share it – Share your opinion in a video! Let your target group know what you think. Sharing this in a video adds a personal touch to the story.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to these themes – let your creativity run wild!

Videomarketing LinkedIn Conversion Crew


Promoting your latest blog or interacting with your target group: you can do it all by using video on Twitter. If you want to spread a video on Twitter, make sure that you keep the video as short as possible. Short video content that is easy to understand often performs well on Twitter. This channel is, of course, known for its short but powerful content! 

Tip: Try pinning the video to the top of your page so that people can find it quickly and easily!


TikTok is a social media app that allows you to create and share short (music) videos. Compared with 2020, the use of TikTok has increased by 197% this year, to 836,000 daily users in the Netherlands – massive growth!

The most important thing to consider is whether using TikTok suits your business. There are many opportunities for companies whose target group is active on TikTok. Stay true to yourself as a business so that you continue to make a reliable impression. It is also important to keep a close eye on trends and developments on TikTok. Advertising opportunities are currently limited, but it could be exciting when this becomes available to the general public.

In short: the use of video marketing is different for each social media channel. Decide which channel you want to use as a company and whether it suits your company. In addition, make sure that the video is properly optimized for your chosen channel. 

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