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Using HubSpot Marketing Hub to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

3 min read
16 June 2023
Using HubSpot Marketing Hub to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

HubSpot provides you with many features and you can easily lose track of what is really important. This blog provides you with insights in what features of HubSpot Marketing Hub to use when you want to focus on email marketing and some best practices. 


Make it personal

With email marketing it is important to reach out to your customers directly as people prefer to receive emails that are specifically designed for them. Personalization can increase engagement with your email campaign.

To use personalization in HubSpot, personalization tokens are designed. You can show personalized content to your contacts based on the property values in HubSpot. To make sure a personalization token shows a value in you marketing email, the contact viewing it must be a tracked visitor, with a record in HubSpot. Finally, it is also important that the personalization token is only shown when the contact has a known property value for that token. Therefore it can be useful to set a default value for the token. This default value will be used when the contact does not have a value for that specific property.


Smart rules

With smart rules you can show different versions of your content based on a specific viewer category (only possible with Marketing Hub Pro and Enterprise). It is for example possible to create alternative versions for people from specific countries or people viewing from a mobile device. In marketing emails you can use smart rules at two places. In the subject line and in the modules of the email. 
How do you use smart rules in the subject line and modules?

  • Go to you marketing email
  • To add a smart subject line, navigate to the Settings tab. In the Subject line section, click Add smart rule.
  • To add a smart module, hover over the module, click the More dropdown menu, then click Add smart rule.


Automate your process

Email automation can be a very useful tool to convert leads into customers. Next to that it eliminates time consuming tasks, as email automation is done automatically. With email automation HubSpot there are tons of possibilities. You can for example: 

  • Send out emails automatically when a customer views your page several times
  • Send out an email when a potential customer downloads an ebook on your website and follow up on this after a few weeks with another email.
  • Someone signs up for news mail, send an automatic welcome email. 

Test it out with A/B testing

Lastly A/B testing can be a good tool to use for you email marketing. An A/B test measures engagement for different versions of the same email with a sample of your recipients. You create 2 versions of your marketing email to test how a variation in the 2 versions impacts the opens and clicks. HubSpot can even depending on how each email version performs pick the winning version and send it to the rest of the recipients list. You can find A/B tests by creating a marketing email in the top left. 

Best practices

To finish, what are some best practices that can be useful to optimize your email marketing efforts?
Always start with getting a good picture of your target audience. Who do you want to reach out to with your emails. Create lists with specific audiences. Next it is also important to make a schedule about who you are going to reach out to, when and how often. Finally also always take a look at the results. The results provide you insightful information about what type of content for example works and what not. Last but not least, have fun with optimizing your email marketing campaigns!