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Why do you need to get started with Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

1 min read
23 July 2020
Why do you need to get started with Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

Inbound marketing is great, of course. You are selling to the people who are actually your target group and who are a good fit with what you have to offer. These leads are properly followed up, understand what you have to offer and what you stand for as a company. Perfect, I hear you say? Not quite ...

A good inbound marketing strategy is a requirement for any company that wants to grow structurally online. Unfortunately, it is just not enough to reach those specific, hard-to-reach, big, important companies that you want so badly as customers. This is where 'Account-Based Marketing' comes in.

Account-Based Marketing ('ABM') is also referred to as "Key Account Marketing" or "Whale Hunting". ABM is complementary to inbound marketing and offers you the method and tools to reach and bring in those 'hard-to-reach' parties in a structured and strategic way.

What are the advantages of a sound ABM strategy?

  • It reduces the time you need to reach and follow up with your most valuable leads
  • It gives you a considerable focus in your marketing and sales activities
  • It perfectly aligns your marketing and sales departments
  • It makes it easier to build strong relationships with your most valuable customers
  • It reduces the time you need to spend per lead in the sales process

Who is Account-Based Marketing for?

Inbound marketing has often been featured in our blogs. ABM is interesting for those who already have a good grip on their inbound marketing strategy and want to improve their return on sales activities for specific high-value prospects.

ABM is best suited for attracting B2B organizations (enterprise). On average, these organizations have a long sales cycle; decision-making is complex and spread out between several people. For these enterprise organizations, ABM's focused approach can result in a significantly higher return on sales activities.

Please get in touch if you are keen to learn more about ABM and the new ABM tools that HubSpot has recently launched.