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Fairybell and Conversion Crew joined forces to apply and configure the Sales Professional Hub. By hosting a training and implementation session with the team, we were able to guarantee a smooth and effective transition and put this new sales process into action with everyone's collaboration.

Powerful Design

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Challenges and wishes

Fairybell stored their contact information under spreadsheets so therefore the main priority for this project was to get Fairybell a CRM system to store their information and nurture their leads, ensuring no opportunity is lost. Hence, it was very important for Fairybell to be able to keep a close eye on what was happening in sales and set up the right reports and dashboards for it.

The choice of a guided onboarding allowed for a perfect balance between Conversion Crew's consultancy and knowledge acquired from Fairybell's side. By setting up some examples and demonstrating how the platform worked, the Fairybell team learned how to implement and work around every tool in the Sales Hub, allowing for maximum autonomy and independence once the onboarding was finished. 

During this onboarding there were three focus points:

  • Importing all the data to HubSpot
  • Get their sales processes well defined and translate them into HubSpot
  • Implement sales automation to optimize the whole portal and avoid manual work as much as possible


Who are Fairybell?

Fairybell is the pillar brand of Hemsson BV, established in 2006.
Focused on elevating festive celebrations with their unique energy-efficient LED Christmas trees, Fairybell not only guarantees joy and warmth infusion through decoration, as it also promotes sustainability by allowing you to reuse these trees. Proudly produced in the Netherlands, the patented Fairybell® LED Christmas trees guarantee high and constant quality featuring various sizes, LED lights and colors.
Besides its new smart system that ensures easy setup and takedown, Fairybell offers long warranties as well as after-sales support, enhancing user experience. Illuminate your Christmas with Fairybell® magic!

View Fairybell’s website

Fairybell's website

The result

We are happy to see that the sales process of Fairybell has now been fully implemented. Now that all data is stored in HubSpot, Fairybell can quickly get an overview of their leads and in which stage of the sales funnel they are.

To get the whole team onboard and on the same page about the way of working, a training and an implementation session were hosted. During these, we focused on the most important Sales Hub tools for them such as emailing, deals, quotes, tasks and reporting. In the following implementation session, the team got a feeling with working in HubSpot, as they got a chance to practice with Conversion Crew's assistance on the spot.

Fairybell now has an automated process, saving sales reps time and providing them with crucial and helpful insights about all their contacts.


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