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MisterGreen Electric Lease

MisterGreen – the greenest leasing company in the Netherlands – realized a huge improvement in efficiency in sales, marketing and service.

Powerful Design

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.


Due to its growth, MisterGreen adopted more software and software tools for online marketing, CRM and customer service. These tools were set up to send mailings, keep track of customers in the CRM, chat on the website, answer customer questions, schedule social media posts, improve SEO, and run ads. Operating a total of more than 8 separate tools created several challenges:

  • There was only one employee left at MisterGreen who knew how all the tools worked and were connected;
  • Data was scattered across all these separate systems, making it impossible to keep data up-to-date in all places;
  • Employees lost a lot of time because they had to log in to many different tools throughout the day to do their jobs;
  • The user-friendliness left much to be desired. Because each system works differently, it was difficult to explain to new employees how everything works.

About MisterGreen

Mark Schreurs (co-founder and CEO) realized as early as 2008 that electric driving was the future. Electric driving is more efficient, cleaner and cheaper, and reduces the impact on people and the environment. This led Mark to start a leasing company for electric cars: MisterGreen Electric Lease. MisterGreen makes it possible to order an electric lease car within 5 minutes. Currently, MisterGreen has a fleet of around 3,000 leased cars, 95% of which are Teslas. The number of brands is expected to increase further in the coming years.

MisterGreen will not rest until the use of fossil fuels for mobility has been eradicated. That new reality is fast approaching! Mark expects that by 2025, as many as 50% of all new cars coming off the production line will be electric. MisterGreen is also a great advocate of self-driving cars because of their advantages in terms of traffic safety, solving traffic congestion problems and their impact on the environment.

Alles op één plek

HubSpot is de plek waar je al je data kwijt kunt sales, marketing en service gerelateerd.

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In the areas of CRM, sales, marketing and customer service, MisterGreen now works exclusively with HubSpot.

The account managers:

  •  Manage their contacts, companies and leads in HubSpot;
  •  Use sales automation for repetitive tasks and processes;
  • Report on activities, forecasting.
The marketers:
  •  Run ads for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn from HubSpot;
  •  Use website chat and smart chatbots;
  •  Manage and schedule content in HubSpot’s content calendar;
  •  Set up entire campaigns from within HubSpot, consisting of forms, landing pages, ads, blogs, workflows and emails;
  •  Use marketing automation to follow up on leads and customers.

The customer service staff:

  •  Handle customer queries directly from HubSpot (chat, email and phone);
  •  Use tickets to manage customer queries quickly and efficiently;
  •  Apply smart automation to save time;
  •  Can see, at a glance, everything else that is happening with a customer (data, contracts, tickets, chats, emails);
  •  Automatically send customer satisfaction surveys.

The management:

  •  Can see in one place everything that happens in the company;
  •  Is aware of all key processes such as sales figures, ROI and customer service performance, thanks to handy dashboards.

All data is in one place and works together effortlessly. The MisterGreen team is more effective in its use of tools and keeps better track of data. The result? Much more time for customers!


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