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A delightful collaboration between YincQ and Conversion Crew resulted in the implementation and configuration of a well structured system, including the connection of YincQ’s very own platform creating a centralized place for valuable information.

Powerful Design

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Challenges and wishes

Collecting, storing and analysing data is of utmost importance for YincQ, the main challenge comes when information is scattered and in separate systems.  A single source of truth was Conversion Crew’s solution for this concern through the implementation of HubSpot CRM. To expand on this point, YincQ required a custom solution to connect Financieel Gezond with HubSpot, to ensure data was synchronised and present.

Furthermore, YincQ was determined to configure a system that not only stored their data but additionally their processes. Lastly, YincQ wanted to make sure that their system contained valuable insight into their customer journey, with all information present and HubSpot’s advanced functionalities, reports, dashboards and analytics were all inclusive in the possibilities.

Who are YincQ?

YincQ is a dedicated organization with a corporate mission to assist employers with the financial well-being of their employees. Through intelligent technology, unbiased insights and professional advice YincQ will guide you through the navigation of the intricate world of finance, with your concerns and goals in mind providing a comprehensive understanding and concrete action plan tailored to each unique situation. The approach offered by their qualified team is personal, decisive and delivers tangible results. 

View YincQ’s website

YincQ’s website

The result

We are thrilled to share a project that fills us with pride. Thanks to the collective efforts of Conversion Crew and the YincQ team, HubSpot CRM has transformed into a valuable resource. Through the workings of this project’s implementation Conversion Crew has assisted YincQ in creating a HubSpot CRM that not only contains centralized data, the system is now additionally a fundamental part of YincQ’s daily operations, facilitating essential processes and providing important insights. Many Sales and Marketing processes were configured, implemented and automized. Furthermore, with all valuable information present, insightful dashboards have been built to provide strategic analysis of the company's workings. YincQ now employs Hubspot in combination with the connection of Financieel Gezond to execute their processes, collaborate with their team and provide dedicated services to their clients. 


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