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New partnership: Aircall

1 min read
14 June 2024
New partnership: Aircall

Conversion Crew is Aircall-partner

With every HubSpot CRM implementation, we always try to bring all customer information and communication together in 1 place. We do this for all customer data, meetings, emails and notes, and we regularly build integrations with external systems to make this happen. But where this is often difficult, is telephony.

Customers often use a phone system that is barely, if at all, capable of integrating with a CRM like HubSpot. Customers are therefore forced to then manually track their phone calls in the CRM. But this requires manual actions and in the daily rush, this is very easily forgotten and does not get done. Of course, this needs to be done better: that's why Aircall is here!

What is Aircall?

Aircall is a telephony service that allows you to make phone calls from any location and any device:

  • It does not require you to subscribe to 'traditional' telephony providers,
  • You do not need equipment such as PBXs or separate (fixed) phones,
  • Installation/implementation is easy,
  • You can simply take your existing phone numbers with you,
  • It integrates optimally with HubSpot (which of course makes us extra happy!).
So you just make calls from your laptop, via the app on your phone and also: directly from HubSpot. Every call you make via Aircall is automatically recorded in HubSpot with the right contact person, even with an audio recording included if required. Even when you call Aircall (on the road, for example) or take a call, it is logged in HubSpot! So you never have to think about updating the CRM after a phone call.

See how the integration with HubSpot works here:


Conversion Crew is now an official Aircall partner in addition to HubSpot partner. This means we can help and advise you in implementing both!

Wondering what else Aircall can do and whether it would be interesting for your organisation? Then feel free to contact us below, we would be happy to give you a demo and tell you more.